A ‘do it’ attitude is as important as skills

The year 2004 will forever be etched in human history. That was the year Facebook was born, the genesis of which was in a Harvard dorm, at the hands of tech geeks who were fascinated by computers .One of them, Mark Zuckerberg, simply wanted to be connected with his Harvard friends and that is what gave him and his roommates the crackerjack idea of developing a software to do just that!
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Three New Year Resolutions Every New Entrepreneur Must Make

Did you get restless in the month of December 2014, waiting for 2015 to arrive? Just as a New Year is supposed to, you were sure the New Year would shower you with bucket loads of optimism and fuel you to start working on your entrepreneurial project. Since we are already half way into January, let’s do a quick check and see if we are doing enough to achieve our goals. If you’ve slacked back into a comfort zone, it is high time you pushed yourself out of it. If you are following your plan diligently, keep going. Make the following New Year resolutions as a to-be entrepreneur and you will never go wrong.

Get your business plan chalked out

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Planning to establish your business? Take start-up mentoring to take off smoothly.

Many entrepreneurial ventures are like jumping off the bridge and building wings on the way down. Many a fancy flight of these start-ups meet a rough landing if timely course correction is not rendered. Enter the ‘Mentor’, the good doer, the person, who will back you up should you need that much needed momentum and direction.
start-up mentoring
Good mentoring is like skilled storytelling. The ‘advice’ comes in myriad ways, flows seamlessly, woven in the story. The entrepreneur mentee needs to pick the lessons, by being an astute observer, by being perceptive and intuitive.
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4 Self-Help Books for Budding Entrepreneurs

Books are a treasure trove of experiences, perspectives and reflections from other people. Open one and you can delve into a whole new world of wisdom. What’s best is by reading you can grasp different dimensions on a variety of things and apply it to your own work for maximum productivity. That is, if you read! As an aspiring entrepreneur you shouldn’t escape reading. Open your mind and consume all that comes to you. Let others’ stories inspire you to create your own big story.

And with this thought and as entrepreneur-makers we would like to advise you to read the following books –
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4 tricks for a strong entrepreneurial start

‘Take baby steps’, they say. While that might apply to entrepreneurship, getting into the shoes of an entrepreneur is in itself a big challenge. You bounce upwards with all the desire, forceand information that you need to achieve your goal.

Here are 4 tricks you can adopt in order to change yourself from being an ordinary person to the one who can make a difference.
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4 powerful public speaking skills for to-be entrepreneurs

The inability to communicate efficiently is a drawback no entrepreneur can be pardoned for. If one cannot put forward his ideas and arguments in a lucid, succulent manner there is a high probability that the person will not success as an entrepreneur. While talking to less and being quiet could be one problem, talking too much and including irrelevant references in your communication is also a sign of poor communication.

At MIDAS, we ensure our students are groomed end-to-end. While you learn to develop your business idea and launch it into the market, we also teach you how to sustain it in the market and develop you for the process. And that’s where your public speaking skills come to most use and could make or break the game for you. After an 11 month course with MIDAS, you needn’t join a separate finishing school to groom yourself.

Here are four powerful public speaking skills we teach our students to bake them into successful entrepreneurs
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Tips for the father and son duo that would be doing business together

The day a businessman’s son graduates, is ironically a day of great anxiety as much as happiness. Because, it’s an unsaid truth that sooner or later the son is going to join the business and take over the reins. For some fathers, allowing their son to take the lead role in a company they founded may be a difficult pill to swallows what with knowing your son’s strengths and weakness in and out. While for others it would be a welcoming change, a chance to let the new generation improve the business while they can take a moment of to breath.

However, you approach it, we hope you approach it with optimism and welcome your youngster warmly, here are some tips you should follow
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Personalised Goal Map. Successful Destination.

Are you risk averse? Well, most of us are. But most of us also have big dreams. The anti-risks nature pulls us back and makes us rational dreamers hindering and slowing down the process of reaching your real goal.

To coax yourself out of comfort zones, learn to set goals. Big goals. Medium sized goals. Small goals. Immediate goals. Long-term goals. Mid-way goals. Setting and mapping a route for yourself as if your were mapping a road trip with many smaller destinations that lead you to the ultimate place you seek to be is a sure shot way to avoid risk and yet make your dream come true.

First time entrepreneurs, remember, it is the baby steps that you take that make you.
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If you say these phrases, probably you are not entrepreneur-material!

Entrepreneurship reflects from the way you talk, from what you talk and from your behavior. Your conviction and passion finds its way to be reflected through your body language and personality. If you are a first time entrepreneur or if you have an idea that you want to launch, introspect for a while, think about what you think and think about what you say.

If you say the following things, it is time you consciously changed your thinking and speech. It will then be your first big step towards your ‘much dreamt of’ entrepreneurship. Observe how your role model entrepreneurs behave, they are perpetually optimistic, always on their toes, hungry for challenges and knowledge. If that’s who you are aiming to be, you are jogging towards success.
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Is creativity in business important?

Food for thought for budding entrepreneurs

The thought of setting up a business is usually followed by a series of plans on different dimensions like logistics, investment, market, resources but not often does creativity make it to the priority list. Talk to a few entrepreneurs who have a business running for a while and ask them this – Is creativity in business important?

Many of them will nod but most of them will either view creativity with nonchalance or suspicion because it speaks of the unknown and the unpredictable. They also have the fear of giving their employees unnecessary freedom under the name of ‘creativity.’

However, this constrained approach towards creativity will not work in today’s entrepreneurial world; in fact only hinder the business’s growth. Free thinking, innovative approach, healthy work environment that reduces work pressure must be encouraged by entrepreneurs and this needs to be thought about from the time the thought of starting your own business is initiated.
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