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How to Find Your Passion

Research has proven that when you live your life with passion, you add 8 hours of joy to your life. Following one’s passion is to thrive in an environment, in an ecosystem. Who better than the father of the digital revolution, Steve Jobs would know what passion means. He once said, “When you do a thing with passion, you tend to persevere it through hard times, the rest just call it quits.” Passion is something you give your full force of attention and energy to. Essentially, the question pops up, how do we understand what we are passionate about? How do we realize what we connect better to? And how we can make it happen? Mindful Entrepreneurship programs help you to uncover your latent passion. Here are a few ways in which you can explore your passion:

How to find your passion-MIDAS

Follow your dreams, what it really means?
Many times we have been told about following our dreams, but where do we really start? Look back at the moment when you were in your element and you were in your flow and that thing just came out naturally to you, sans the efforts. That is exactly where your talent lies.

Find out what you love doing and are good at:
The best way to find out this is from your peers and family members. There are times when your mother or father have pointed out to a phenomenal aspect that lies within yourself, like adept writing, singing, oratory skills, sense of humor, negotiation skills etc. Also, ask your friends or family this unique question, “How do I make a difference in your life?” You would probably get really funny responses, but filter down some genuine ones and you will uncover the answer to your passion. CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos emphasizes, “Pick something you think is interesting and have the intersection of genuinely creating customer value and then stay right there and let the wave catch you.”

Multiple streams of curiosity lead to passion:
Once you know what you love doing, you must list down things that you are curious about, you wonder about. Then draw a Venn diagram to place first three things in the circles and you will see the intersection of all the things you want to explore doing, have the energy, raise your dopamine levels and gives you an adrenaline rush – this is nothing but identifying your passion.

Passion Leads to Purpose:
Now take the list of passion and match them up with the 10 challenges that you think can be addressed with your passion. For e.g. during the internet wave, many internet companies were passionate about the internet and they merged this very passion with the purpose to connect the world. This is how you can impregnate your life with a sense of achievement and significance.

Find The Thing That You Fear to Share:
Has there been a thing you really love doing but are fearful of sharing it with others? For e.g. you like to write, but fear that publishers won’t accept your draft or you may be criticized for the writing style by the readers. You feel this way because you really care about it, you have nurtured it throughout. That thing is nothing but your passion, which comes effortlessly.

Persevere To Find Your Passion:
Even if you are not aware of where you will be 5 years from now, it is okay. Take the surprises in your career and job path. Keep finding your passion, don’t give up. Keep trying to find newer avenues that would satiate your dream or passion. Be interested, be on the lookout for every little opportunity where you could showcase your talent or love for the particular area. Illustrious author J.K. Rowling had the idea of the legendary Harry Potter in 1997, and she actually completed writing the series at the age of 42. The writing was a long drawn passion for her, which required a lot of perseverance. The ultimate is phenomenal success.

MIDAS’s Transcend module helps you to understand yourself better through the most important people and environments in which you operate. Akash Rathi, a student at MIDAS, experienced the Transcend module and he has a takeaway to share with us. He says, “Transcend has 3 subdivisions. They are Awareness, Acceptance and Action. To unearth our true passion, it was important for us to understand the true meaning of compassion, anger, accomplishment, and judgments. Passion lies at the core of your future business. To find passion one must expand the comfort zone, as the world needs your innovation and it is your duty to make it count. Through a classroom discussion, I could discover my passion in research. I realized that I really like doing research. It satisfies me.”

However, finding your passion is not an easy task. So, find your passion, see what drives you, and brainstorm around it. Then, give them a go, who knows where they will take you.

MIDAS India is an Entrepreneurship and Business Coaching center in Pune, Maharashtra



Dressing Up for Success – MIDAS Entrepreneurs

MIDAS Entrepreneur Riya Jain

Dressing Up for Success – MIDAS Entrepreneurs

MIDAS Entrepreneur Riya Jain’s niche clothing brand Le Reve is all set to become the first urban workwear fashion brand for the contemporary woman. The brand aims at creating premium quality workwear with intricate designs, perfect cuts and petite fits, suitable for every occasion for the working woman.



Riya shares with us her brand’s inspiration, “All our products and designs are a work-of-art, translated into clothing because we truly understand that a woman’s first love is to dress fabulous!”  Going back in time, Riya recollects her journey when she decided to pursue the entrepreneurial course at MIDAS, Pune. “I always knew I wanted to start my own venture, but was unclear about how to make a perfect choice. After writing down about 200 business ideas, several brainstorming sessions with the coaches and scoping each idea, I identified that there is no particular apparel brand focused towards the working women. Consequently, Le Reve was born.”


Riya’s business idea got validated after she spoke at length with around 500 working women in Mumbai’s humid climate. She knew it then that success doesn’t come so easily. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. Once the idea was established, the next step was to come up with a name. Riya says, “It was the most cumbersome task as someone has rightly said, naam mein sab likha hai. Le Reve stands for “The Dream” as every woman in the world has some dream to achieve and Le Reve wants to be a part of that dream through the customized apparels.”


For the first time ever Riya realized the importance of laying stress on details when she actually started working on every aspect of her business. “MIDAS helped me understand the nitty-gritty of starting a business. There were several stages like Idea Generation, Idea Validation, Entrepreneurial Fitment, Incubation and Pitch to Investors, where we were coached to adopt with an analytical and practical approach to make business decisions,” affirms Riya.


Moreover, there are many events at the campus which expose the students and their business ideas to the outside world which help them evaluate their scope and relevance in accordance with different sectors. The biggest opportunity was MIDAS Bazaar, where the students present their business ideas in an exhibition format to their families and friends. A panel of chief guests and industry experts also evaluate the business ideas, complete with detailed plans and prototypes, giving the cohort an idea of what to expect when they go to market.

“There was a lot to take back home from the MIDAS Bazaar experience. While some believed in my idea, others had some critical opinions, and different perspectives, which further helped me, mold the idea and refurbish it accordingly,” said Riya.

With MIDAS’s outstanding coaches and curriculum, today, Le Reve is confident to hit the market next month. A determined Riya expressed, “There is a lot of work to do, many hurdles to cross, but I’m excited and well prepared for the road ahead!” Riya and her success story speaks volume about her dream, do you wish to create your own?

Turn your startup dream into reality!

Entrepreneurship is a mindset not a designation

“The entrepreneur is essentially a visualizer and actualizer. He can visualize something, and when he visualizes it he sees exactly how to make it happen.” — Robert L. Schwartz

Entrepreneurship is a Mindset not a Designation-MIDAS

How would you describe an Entrepreneur in your own words? Someone who wants to start their own business? Or someone who is a born leader and is not afraid to take the decision that would change their life? That’s how it is; a person who is known to encompass such qualities is considered as an individual who is an Entrepreneur.

But, here at MIDAS, we would beg to differ, as we believe that it’s not a given set of qualities that make up for an entrepreneur, it is simply an attitude towards risk. Most of us come across situations that are life-changing. When you embrace the idea of change and are not afraid of the consequences and when you are ready to accept something that you must forgo a bit of your comfort – you must know, you’re an Entrepreneur.

The idea of starting your own business can be very exciting, but it also requires a certain mindset so that you can transform your dreams into a reality.

At MIDAS, we strive to offer the best 11-month entrepreneurship development programme for our student entrepreneurs. We want to help them break the stereotypical mindset so that they can chase their dreams fearlessly.

If you are a budding entrepreneur or maybe contemplating of becoming one, then here some pointers for you to think upon:

  • Do you think like an entrepreneur?

When you say think like an entrepreneur it simply means that you can come up with innovative ideas to tackle your problems. You may have ideas that might seem ridiculous to others, but you have the courage to follow and implement what you feel could work. Biz Stone, Co-founder of Twitter stated in an interview that initially even the engineers weren’t interested to code as they found the idea of Twitter too stupid to work on.

  • Train your brain

Learning is one of the major keys to success. Learn to think differently and out of the box. Question whatever you come to know through your learning’s and gain information about it thoroughly. This way your brain will be stimulated to generate ideas for your business.

  • Solution-driven

You need to have a solution driven approach towards the problems you face, and this can only happen when you analyze the issue carefully. You must be motivated enough to face your problems head-on. In case you find a problem in solving one, don’t hesitate to approach your mentors. They are the torchbearers of ideas and experiences. John Adam, the founding father of United States once stated “Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.” Who knows if this is the real intention?

  • Make things better

Establishing a business of your own can only mean one thing, you are your own boss. Instead of sitting in your office and thinking of ways in which your boss can improve the business, you can just start your own business where you are the one who oversees everything. After all, we all know that entrepreneurs make terrible employees.

  • Unfollow the status quo

You do not really need to follow the current trends to come up with a business idea. Rather it is even more refreshing if you come up with something of your own. Remember, all great entrepreneurs didn’t become great because they followed the norm. They were only successful because they chose to question the status quo. Steve Jobs has said it rightly, “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so that they can tell us what to do.”

  • Understand people in various ways

You must learn how to read people. Every person has their own behavior pattern and you need to learn how to decipher it. No one is wholly independent. We come across situations where we find ourselves being dependent on other people. If we acquire the skill of understanding people’s behavior, then you will have the advantage of getting your work done more efficiently.

  • Role of a peon to manager to a boss

Everyone starts from the bottom. You must face your share of ordeals; go through the experience of facing your own problems. Your humble beginnings will teach you valuable lessons that you will carry forward forever in your future business ventures.

  • Ownership and initiative that is visible outside of your work

If you are someone who can become responsible for difficulties, then you have got it in you. You possess the most invaluable quality that many do not i.e. to take initiative. And if you happen to practice this in your daily life then you are already one step closer to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

At MIDAS, we can help you realize that you have the potential to become an exceptional entrepreneur and the mindset can be formed with the best entrepreneurship development programme in India and under the finest coaches.

Visit us today and kick start your entrepreneurial journey!

MIDAS India is an Entrepreneurship and Business Coaching center in Pune, Maharashtra