MIDAS is an institute where one can envision startup ideas coming to life. The institution provides the essential ingredients of startup mentorship, incubation and a

product/business development centre

under one roof. This approach ensures the holistic growth of an individual into a successful entrepreneur and also equips them better to solve daily business challenges whilst avoiding common startup mistakes. The courses are inspired by international research and specifically designed to suit the needs of budding entrepreneurs & individuals with family business.

MIDAS Philosophy

MIDAS Philosophy

MIDAS is an eco-system for dynamic and aspirational individuals who view education as a path to creating better lives, not just for themselves but for society on the whole. MIDAS philosophy is reflective of its core values and principals as below:

Core Value

Excellency in Entrepreneurship
Creativity in Entrepreneurship
Passion for Entrepreneurship
Guru Shishya Ethos

Core Principles

Coach Autonomy
Human Dignity in Entrepreneurship
Environmental awareness


We create entrepreneurs. Our vision is to reach out to every dreamer who wants to make a difference and leave a mark on this wonderful journey called life. Further we believe in challenging the status quo by using the path breaking and unique framework of coaching methodology. At MIDAS we bridge the gap between dreams and reality.



We are in the business of coaching entrepreneurs, we coach students and existing businesses by innovating and designing products, services, and processes. At MIDAs we challenge the status quo constantly by using the four crucibles of Innovation, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Incubation.