How to Find Your Passion

Research has proven that when you live your life with passion, you add 8 hours of joy to your life. Following one’s passion is to thrive in an environment, in an ecosystem. Who better than the father of the digital revolution, Steve Jobs would know what passion means. He once said, “When you do a […]

Dressing Up for Success – MIDAS Entrepreneurs

Dressing Up for Success – MIDAS Entrepreneurs MIDAS Entrepreneur Riya Jain’s niche clothing brand Le Reve is all set to become the first urban workwear fashion brand for the contemporary woman. The brand aims at creating premium quality workwear with intricate designs, perfect cuts and petite fits, suitable for every occasion for the working woman.   […]

Entrepreneurship is a mindset not a designation

“The entrepreneur is essentially a visualizer and actualizer. He can visualize something, and when he visualizes it he sees exactly how to make it happen.” — Robert L. Schwartz How would you describe an Entrepreneur in your own words? Someone who wants to start their own business? Or someone who is a born leader and […]

Entrepreneurs’ Junction -Life at MIDAS

People with gumption and bravado thrive on opportunities to progress, explore and push the envelope. These Entrepreneurs who aspire to reach the stars feel completely at home at MIDAS. They have every reason to! At MIDAS, the entrepreneurship spirit is nurtured and tended to. At MIDAS, entrepreneurship is not taught, it is lived in every […]

Chase your dream in 2015 with MIDAS.

If you have a dream, now is the best time to chase it. All successful entrepreneurs have a dream, and the bravado to chase it. Dreams stem from the innate urge to do something different, to not follow the same path. Getting off the bandwagon and treading on your own created path is what an […]

The making of an entrepreneur goes best with a mentor

Starting your own company is one of the hardest things you can do, so it’s invaluable to get advice from other people who have done it, too. You can spend years scraping and scouring the internet hunting for the world’s top entrepreneurs so you could harvest their secrets. You want to hear their stories. How […]