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Business Idea Validation Project

This requires students to travel to cities relevant for their business research.

The important deliverables for the project are a research report, project presentation and a documentary film related to the research. The students are required to work along with the Program Office and plan the project and related logistics. The students are required to stay in the chosen city for 4 days and conduct the research.

MIDAS Bazaar

MIDAS Bazaar is an exclusive presentation of the students business to their parents, family, friends and stakeholders.

This is a platform for them to present a business plan, prototype of their products and take forward their idea to become a successful business. The Trimester 2 of the program concludes with MIDAS Bazaar, during which the students present their business idea in an exhibition format and seek feedback from the parents and other guests. This is a day’s event and will be scheduled at the end of 2nd Trimester.

Rural Immersion Program

This a very important and fulfilling aspect of the course. If we talk about creating entrepreneurs in India, and not focus on..

60% of the population who comes from rural India, then we will not be able to make an impact financially as well as socially.  Objectives of Rural Immersion Program helps students to understand rural markets, supply chains, rural consumers of India through field trips and personal interaction with the non-city dwellers.

Outbound Activities

Each week once or twice during the Idea Generation phase, the students are required to visit commercial establishments like markets, malls, business houses etc and get more aware about the business environment.
This activity will be helpful for the students to generate quality business ideas and broaden their horizons. The students would be given pre-set objectives about their visit and would be accompanied by guiding mentors of MIDAS.