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"Don't join your family family business just because you are your father's child"

Are you ready to build a legacy of your family business ?
To lead is to succeed. Is your family business equipped for succession planning ?
Are you ready to take your family business to the next level?

The PGDM in Entrepreneurship is a family business course as many heirs to the business undergo this program for taking their business ahead. This is done through a structured approach as below:

Idea Generation

Students are made to generate business ideas through the classroom coaching, outbound visits to real businesses and various experiential learning activities.

This enables them to start thinking about business in an expansive manner, for them to understand how they can contribute towards their family business.

Entrepreneurial Fitment

In any business, it is important for skills and attitude to be most relevant to the business area being chosen.

Here MIDAS coaches map the entrepreneurs’ capabilities and interests to the business, so they can leverage their strengths in the business and take it ahead.

Idea Validation

Once the business area has been identified, approved and discussed by family members, the student is set to work on goals to achieve the business objectives set.

For this they are required to understand the existing business functioning through a business diagnostic. Eventually in this phase, the students go out extensively in the market, research and apply relevant tools to their own businesses.


Joining a family business requires more than just strategies and grooming. An entrepreneur should be equipped with the right resources and vendors and industry experts who can further their business.

This phase allows the family business management students to give direction to their goals, associate with other business people to take action in achieving business objectives.

Pitch to Investors

While an established business may not always feel the need to pitch to investors, this phase allows our student entrepreneur to gain exposure in facing a qualified jury who would like to know about their business and provide inputs to take their business ahead.

Not to be viewed as a platform for getting investment only, this phase is ideally to showcase and present your business, derive feedback and inculcate learnings into the business.

This family business management is ideal for young minds looking to enter their family business, but not sure of where to start from and how to contribute to an already established enterprise.