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The making of an entrepreneur goes best with a mentor

Starting your own company is one of the hardest things you can do, so it’s invaluable to get advice from other people who have done it, too. You can spend years scraping and scouring the internet hunting for the world’s top entrepreneurs so you could harvest their secrets. You want to hear their stories. How they started. How they grew. How the big hitting innovators, inventors or business people have made millions, found fame and are building their empires right now. Finding the right mentor to help you along the path to success therefore is indispensable.

Mentoring is a tricky thing: as an aspiring entrepreneur you want it, but don’t know how to get it. Well, you don’t need a special genetic code for entrepreneurship; you need mentorship. Maybe, simply put, you can’t teach someone to be passionate about entrepreneurship. On the other hand, people can definitely discover their passion for entrepreneurship in the classroom. The need for a mentor is obvious, yet seeking one out can be quite difficult and daunting.

A Lifetime of Mentoring

At MIDAS, we ensure mentoring has a profound impact on you. The eleven-month Entrepreneurship at MIDAS school which has the spirit of mentoring embedded in it gives you the real privilege to enhance your ability to be entrepreneurs. We believe that the learning process is unending and evolving. That’s why we don’t just shake your hand at the end of the course and wave goodbye, we help you take action on your imperfect “good plans” and give you that extra confidence to move forward without hesitation at any stage of your entrepreneurial process.

Mentors: ‘Secret Weapons’ of Successful Startups

Time after time many successful startups attribute their success to great mentors who with the right inputs at the right time have steered the direction of many startups towards success. Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction and Mr. Parag Shah, the Founder Chairman and Chief Mentor of MIDAS is not just a mentor but an awakener. He ignites the fire within the dreamers, the believers, and the courageous with his light of understanding and the essence of encouragement.

Most first generation entrepreneurs or second and third generation entrepreneurs from family managed businesses can do absolutely awe-inspiring things. But sometimes they just need a little nudge and an impetus that relights their flame when times are tough. At MIDAS, these path breaking entrepreneurs are blessed to find people who help them sketch and execute the vision they have. Mentors in this school of dreams exemplify the highest levels of excellence in the pursuit of the entrepreneurial mission to develop and move entrepreneurs to fulfill their goals.

Don’t wait. Don’t look for that perfect moment to land in your lap. Find your confidant, your mentor at MIDAS who will act like a buoy that keeps you afloat through the numerous highs and lows in the early years and through all the phases of your startup endeavor.Enter the campus doors and reward yourself an inestimable mentorship for a lifetime!

Admissions for our 11-month intensive ‘Master’s in Open Innovation and Global Entrepreneurship Program’ are now open. Course commences from 3rd August 2015. Click here to know more.


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