The Educationist

Prof. Parag Shah is an entrepreneur by profession but an educationist at heart. He was the Founding Chairman of FLAME University which was India’s first Liberal Arts University. He traveled the world to culminate all his learnings and various forms of teachings available in this liberal arts format, partnering with the best institutes and faculties.

Critical Thinking, Creativity, Effectuation and Innovation are the key areas Prof. Parag Shah teaches and promotes through his form of education. These facets of education are now practiced by him as a Chief Mentor of MIDAS (Management, Innovation, Design, Arts & Social Sciences), an institute dedicated towards creating entrepreneurs. Prof. Parag Shah has won accolades for his work in education like being awarded the ‘Visionary Leadership Award’ by DNA Group, being on the jury of International Innovation Centres, being awarded the ‘Icon of Education’ by Minister of Education, Maharashtra and winning the ‘Business Acharya of the Year 2016″ by Entrepreneur Magazine. His TEDx talk is nothing short of a preview to his passion of igniting minds and energy towards creating something new everyday.