Pradeep Chauhan

“MIDAS has truly developed simplified strategy tools to take one’s business further. When you experience the tools, start to use them for your day to day business operations, one truly realizes the potential power you have been equipped with. There are no jargons, it’s made simple in layman’s language. Yet, it’s very powerful.

The unique point of MIDAS is their Specialised Team and their focus on execution. Each team member is industry veteran and master in their own respective field. They are all dedicated, committed and having genuine intention to help businesses grow with an extremely well organized, no nonsense, realistic yet inspiring approach which is unique to your business. I thoroughly recommend MIDAS to one and all to join & experience this life changing experience”

Sanket Sheth

Sanket Sheth

“The passion that coaches at Midas carry is phenomenal. They bring realistic approach towards improving the business. From crunching members to amazing sales tips and tricks, they make you a complete entrepreneur.

One thing that I have realized from the session is, action speaks louder than words. Starting from ground quality, Parag sir and team makes one grow business in every aspect, be it sales, finance, operation, and talent management”

​Dipti and Manish Kenia


“Business coaching at Midas has indeed broaden my outlook towards Sachmass – Our academy of phonics and English grammar.

Though is has grown, scaled up in its own way through passion, quality, dedication, commitment etc. it is Midas who made us realize, that an organization need vision, structure, operations, goals, departmentalization etc. to reach and spread out.

All this is imparted by its remarkable and meticulous coaching provided by the outstanding coaches at MIDAS. We consider ourselves fortunate indeed to have the opportunity to be coached by them”