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The women entrepreneurs of the world: what drives them?

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it is who is going to stop me?”

said Ayn Rand. And the inner voice of many strong women battling to make their mark in the world of business probably whispered the same words. When skeptics around were busy wondering how will women manage to maintain a work-life balance, this rare breed of women entrepreneurs ploughed on to turn their ideas into money-making realities. They proved that they were more than able to not just bring up babies at home but also nurture their ideas, their other babies, into lucrative businesses.

They did not let anyone or anything stop them.

Who are these superwomen who love to mind their own business? What drives them to take on the world and become a force to reckon with?

‘For me, entrepreneurship is freedom!’ says Sara, a student of the entrepreneurship program run by MIDAS. The yearning to be your own boss is definitely a propeller for all successful entrepreneurs, and more so, for womentrepreneurs.

But something definitely unique happens with women and entrepreneurship

These womentrepreneurs have the hunger to push their boundaries and break the stereotypes. They have the grit and gumption to take risks. In fact, some thrive in ambiguous situations! They are attracted toward simplifying complex situations. Where some people seize up and go back to doing what they know, these unusual women enjoy tackling challenging situations and being creative problem solvers. Their high emotional intelligence and innate leadership qualities help them go on every day ‘believing’ that they will succeed. They know that failure needs to be enjoyed as well, and that things are rarely sunshine and rainbows when you are building a business block-by-block. The idea of making money not just for yourself but creating work opportunities for scores of people is another propelling force for many womentrepreneurs.

After all, proving the naysayers wrong and going against all odds to make a mark in the world of business must be a definite high!

Moreover, the advent of many entrepreneurship programs, like the one by MIDAS, has made entrepreneurship a reality for many. The program at MIDAS lends you the perfect kind of hand holding that you can ever desire to make a success out of your business ideas. After all, MIDAS believes in discovering the womentreprenuer in you and helping you strap on the wings to fly.

So, can anything really stop you from dreaming big and making it bigger?

Like Dr. Seuss says, “If you have brains in your head, and feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose.”

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